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Queen of Cups
Sensitive woman, medial, spiritual woman

Queen of Cups Tattoo Flash template

The meaning of the Tarot card Queen of Cups:
The queen of Cups is sitting on a throne and she is viewing a mystical cup.
The throne stands on a promontory which leads directly into the sea.
The much waters around the Queen to represents the world of emotions.
The Queen herself is balanced and soulful, this should symbolise our emotional life.

A soulful and medial woman will be be important for your relationship.
She will help you to end the disputes with your partner and she will give you new perspectives.
If you are a man, this Tarot card can also stand for your beloved and spiritual wife.
If you have no partner, today you will meet a soulful and spiritual woman.

This Tarot card stands for:
Sensitive woman, medial, spiritual woman

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