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Knight of Swords
Hostility, aggression, disputes

Knight of Swords Tattoo Flash template

The meaning of the Tarot card Knight of Swords:
On this Tarot card the knight of Swords is riding in gallop.
He is loudly shouting and he makes an attack in the battle.
In the background, a strong wind blows and you can see how the trees are bendinig in the wind.
This card shows you that stormy times will come to you.
A hostile atmosphere is approaching, with anger and disputes.

In your partnership are a lot of quarrels.
Watch out that it does not escalate into a fight.
It has become cold to both of your hearts.
Try immediately stop the disputes.
Try to clear the air with love and understanding, then you maybe are able to save your relationship.

This Tarot card stands for:
Hostility, aggression, disputes

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