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King of Wands
Fiery temper, love of life, strength

King of Wands Tattoo Flash template

The meaning of the Tarot card King of Wands:
The king of Wands sits on his throne, surrounded by fiery elements:
A fire salamander in in front of throne and on his robe.
His necklace has the form of a Tiger.
The colours of his robe are yellow and orange, the colours of fire.
That is symbolizing fiery temper, love of life and strength.

Your relationship is healthy, but a self-confident and open-minded man will be more and important for you and for your relationship.
He will give new impulses and ideas, to that you should better listen to.
If you are single, you will meet a self-confident, strong man.
It is possible that you will find the love of your life.

This Tarot card stands for:
Fiery temper, love of life, strength

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