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Seven of Cups
Secrets, dreams, desires

Seven of Cups Tattoo Flash template

The meaning of the Tarot card Seven of Cups:
This tarot card shows a veiled person, who is facing a cloud on which seven cups are.
In the cups are jewelry and mystical objects.
The veiled person is representing the secrets in ourselves.
The filled cups reflect our desires, but they also sow our fears.

You are living in a dream world and see your partner through rose-colored glasses.
You are head over heels in love with your partner, but when you wake up from your dream world, a disenchantment can follow quickly.
If you are single then today you will meet a person, in which you directly fall in love.
But take care a little bit, because falling in love after a few moments can not be real love.

This Tarot card stands for:
Secrets, dreams, desires

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